Hey guys, not many of you know who I am, but some help would be greatly appreciated!

I am competeing in kickboxing and MMA when I can, but Im having constant issues with my weight.

I am about 177cms and I weigh about 80kg at about 7 or 8% body fat. Its really starting to give me the SHITES!!! I eat cleanly, and keep my carbs to a minimum. Everything I do seems to gain me muscle, and then its nearly impossible to get rid of it again. I walk into a gym and watch Big D do weights and I walk out heavier... HELP!!!

I wish I could be 70 but think that is far gone, so i would be happy to sit around 76kg. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Take drugs...plain and simple!!!!!

Do you loose muscle mass when you stop training?

"Take drugs...plain and simple!!!!! "

What sort of drugs? Anything?

I have no idea ebolamayinga, I am not doing weights though. Just my bjj, kickboxing and wrestling.

I dont really want to stop training.

give it up Ben, your destiny is with me as a super heavy:) eat EAT!

chlenmutarol is a fat burning bastard, or ephdrine tablets......

now im no expert if you have seen my i got quite the gut, but i know people who have taken them with huge success

I dont think I want to lose anymore fat Cobras, but thanks for the advice. I will look into it =)

Hahah, go super-freak.

I mean hey, it's not enough you bench what I do despite being 15kgs lighter...

you're going to have to go on a bum lifestyle. Get fat, let your muscle waste away then come back into training.

It's the only way to be sure.


To keep weight down maintain intensity in your training 110%.

Road work is the best form of losing weight, I hate running but force myself for cardio and weight. Vary your running from day to day ie. long run say 5k, next day MMA training, next day sprint training (sprint 100; jog 100; sprint 100 etc....).

Fit your gym work in when you can and you will have trouble keeping the weight on!

Steve G.

You forgot the higher Deadlift... but dont worry about it :)

Those weights were isolated incidents as well when I thought screw it, im moving to Soa's division...

"you're going to have to go on a bum lifestyle. Get fat, let your muscle waste away then come back into training. "

Might as well, ill do cross stitch for a bit, or just start watching movies with Elvis more often... BRING ON SHAUN OF THE DEAD!

Ok, jokes aside... help...

ben you could always try Jennycraig or weight watchers haha. It would be a classic to walk in and say i am 80kg and 8% body fat, how can i lose weight!!

More running... Im with you on that one, running sucks arse!

Thanks heaps so far guys, I will give that a go Beldin and see how I go.

More cardio!? I know the cardio routine you already do so I'll be surprised.

Anyone know what happens if you cut your protein intake by half? Like 1/2 a gram of protein per kilo of weight... Would you end up losing a bit of muscle that way? I've been told to maintain what you already have you need a gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight..

LOL@Talking about trying to lose mass.

STFU already Ben, geez.

Don't you train under Anthony and Elvis?

If so ask how Anthony lost his weight for the Shooto fight in Melb, also another good one on here would be Kym Robinson who posts here abit as he cut a fair bit of weight a few months ago for a fight that didn't happen and he has also just helped one of his fighters (Trent) to cut down to a lower divission.
Also I think off memory that Justin helped Kym in ways to cut weight.

Yes, I train under Anthony and Elvis.

I will ask Anthony tonight. I figure its easier for bigger guys to lose weight? I dont have much of anything to lose at the moment, besides muscle (I dont mind if it gets me down a bit).

Kym Robinson aye, I will sit and watch and hope he reads this and sends some info my way.

Thanks Keats.

Someone who has low body fat, but too much muscle. My heart bleeds for you, you absolute bastard... ;-(

Ask on Chris Brennans forum , he is an expert at cutting weight and have seen him offer great advice in the past regarding this .

Thanks Aaron. I shall do that.

Thanks also to you cadmus, I cry myself to sleep every day...

I dont suppose mr nest has any secrets he would like to share?

mate, if ur sitting on 80kgs, and at 7-8% bfat... I wouldnt bother trying to lose weight.. just accept the fact that u have to fight at higher weight class. 7-8% is very low.. Most MMA athletes can drop to that level when they are desperately trying to cut weight. Frank Shamrock was 7% i think (read somewhere). Cutting weight when ur already so lean/thin, is dangerous and stupid.

I think what all you guys are missing here is cutting weight = dehydrating.

Ben would be able to fight comfotably at 77kg within a week from now.

can I get witness........... Mr GREEN?