Please matchup Hendo Vs. Rampage

I would love to see Dan Henderson Vs. Quinton Jackso

anyone else?


According to
it saids Ramapage Vs. Henderson

That would be an awesome fight.
With Silva vs. Yoshida set, I don't see too many bad matchups in the first round. You could line the card up several different ways and still have a great show.

Silva himself said that Hendo was without question the toughest man he has EVER fought. Silva got saved by the ref IMO, and did anyone see Silva's face after the fight ?? Anyone see the Toxic Avenger before ?? ...Actually, he looked like he was about to go, " Rockeeeee Rooooad !!! Babeeeee Ruuuuuuth !!!"

LOL @ Toxic Avengers

They both looked pretty flat in their most recent fights. I'll go with Dan in this one..

That would be an awesome fight (with Dan winning, of course), but if Pride has real seeding for this Tourney, they would never meet up in the first round.

not me, i like em both

Dan said he don't want Rampage in the 1st rd....

I think Hendo has the better wrestling skills by far. He would be able to counter Rampages takedowns and slams. His clinch game is tight, and he would be able to set up his takedowns. His hands are heavier than Rampage, and Hendo has quite a chin. The only factor in Rampage's favor is the weight and strength differnce. Technically Hendo is superior.

If Yuki Kondo can take Dan down, I think Rampage can slam him

I don't want this fight in the first round. This is a semifinals type match!!

bummer cuz they r friends. i say qj wins