Please no Couture vs Toney

This would sound good on paper 6 years ago, now it comes across as stupid.

We all know Randy's game-plan, do you really want to see that?

Actually, yes I do.

Yup, I want to see it.

 Hell yeah I wanna see it.

2 who want to see it and millions of fans who want to see something else. Liddell, Cro-cop, Kimbo, and even Tito makes more sense.

ganther - damn you I just created a similar thread.

My bad, acted on impulse (-:

Oh hell, why not!

I'd love to see this. 10X moreso than the other guys you listed.

OK, Randy has not been "up to par" over the 4 years. He was the first fighter to leave the UFC with the belt, went to Japan, lost some bouts, returned and got immediate title shots, then we had to endure a slew of ridiculous re-matches with Vitor-Tito-Liddell.

He has been on the losing side.

Randy is not the "buyrate seller" he use to be and frankly, I'm tired of him taking the huge slice of the pie.

No one wants to see James Toney in worthless "clinch fest"

We want to see some excitement bro, you old school guys love Randy too much. Randy is a non issue


I think Toney would protest that match!

 Chuck vs Toney = more appealing and WAY WAY bigger and easier sell IMO

 I want to see toney lose his first fight...

He might beat chuck, Randy will take him down i think and win.

Old Feller - Actually, yes I do.

I'd really like to see him against a pure striker, mostly boxing which is Paul Buentello and win, yet Joe Rogan will quickly point out the obvious that the UFC has given him a fight that he should win and a fight against the likes of Velasquez or Lesnar wouldn't go so well. Boxing world would then celebrate and more pure boxing fan will tune in to his next fight just to see him possibly embarrass by a true MMAers.

I think a win against a striker would not hurt MMA as much as Toney beating a wrestler of Randy's caliber and status. Randy's age factor and Randy being not the fastest wrestler out there would give Toney a better chance of landing a KO early.

Oddessa -  Chuck vs Toney = more appealing and WAY WAY bigger and easier sell IMO


Toney would demolish Lidell's already shaky chin.

amberlamps - put toney up against cain.

shut his damn mouth up once and for all.

Cain is a title contenter. Why the fuck should his time be wasted on fighting a washed up fat ass?

I'd rather see him vs. a striker. He already has enough to deal with: smaller gloves, kicks, knees, elbows etc. It wouldn't competitive to put him against Couture.

Add to that, Couture's lack of power in the gnp and you have almost a guaranteed decision (unless he submits him with something pretty basic).

People who want to see a competitive fight should want to see him vs. a striker (Pat Barry, Crocop, Anderson Silva etc.) and those that want to see him beat down should be looking for a guy with heavy gnp (Lesner). In either case, Couture isn't ideal.

I don't like Couture's chin for this one