Please post ECC results.

To be honest I find that the East Coast fans arn't really that knowledgable when it comes to MMA so the matchmaking really doesn't mean much to the majority ot the fans. Sure there are some very knowledgable fans on the EC but it's a very low % at most shows I've been to. They want to see locals and they want to see them win. At the last Phoenix Fight the fans were louder during the Skinner vs Weva fight then they were during the Grant/Riener fight. No offence or disrespect to either guy but Skinner/Weva was a sloppy fight where both guys gassed hard in the first 2-3 minutes and just slugged it out with their hands down for the rest of the figh, while the Grant fight was one of the best displays of MMA that has been seen at a local show. At the first Phoenix, Jabouin vs Cardinal was a great technical fight and the fans actually Boo'ed them. I was very upset at that because now I doubt either guy cares if he comes back here to fight and I'd love to see both guys fight in a local show again.I honestly felt that ECC 8 was a fairly evenly matched card on paper with the exception of Hicks vs Hollet and Kerr vs Cave(which didn't happen)I really wish that we could get a card at the Metro Center with all the top local talent on it. Get Grant, Hollet, Sandford, Jimmo, MacKay, Cunningham (he's in TO now but still has the local content) all the big name local guys. I realize that would cost a lot of money to pull off but it would be an amazing show and would be a huge draw IMOThe only way you could pull it off would be to have no affiliation to any local club just to remove the politics.

I agree that the majority of the fans are uneducated about the sport but that goes for everywhere not just the east coast. Add in the fact that 70 percent of them are drunk/coked up and then cue the booing/douchbaggery.

I also agree that there needs to be some sort of cross promotion down here although I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Last I herd the ECC was banning all fighters that fought in other promotions.

The writing is on the wall, both of the promotions are losing fans hand over fist and if they don't get over the greed/politics neither one of them will survive long term.

I realize the fighters fight for peanuts but it can't be cheap to put on one of those shows. It would be incredible to get all the top local talent to fight on one card but they can barely get the Forum half full now let alone the Metro Center.

I missed the last Phoenix card but I herd the atmosphere was pretty good, I remember seeing a kickboxing card at the sportsplex years and years ago and it was a pretty cool venue.

Overall it's great to have something for the local fighters but if something doesn't change MMA on the east coast will be a distant memory in another 3-5 years, maybe sooner.


It's a shame that the Halifax scene is suffering from such incredibly lousy attendance numbers. There's excellent potential for the region if it were to be handled properly.

I agree that the fights in the stands put a damper on the night, but to say that the Hollett/Hicks fight was fixed? You better have some damn good proof before throwing that shit around ...

I don't think it was fixed, but it wasn't anything more than a showcase fight.

Same as Cave/Kerr was supposed to be. Anyone who has seen Kerr fight should realize the guy brings nothing to the table.

I agree with pretty much all of the previous posts. The sport is suffering out East in a fast way. I really dont see all the promotions here being greedy or biased. To be honest the only reason Phoenix Fight was started was to provide a fair stage for all the clubs to showcase the best we had both locally and nationaly. Trust me when I say there have been several offers to have more of a local presence with certain clubs but the response has not always been receptive. When KOTC came into town all of us got very excited for a breath of fresh air. They were all but shut down by another local promotion. If an honest and unbiased organisation were to put on shows on a regular basis locally I probably wouldn't even hold cards. But based on last nights show......

^Yeah I get the impression that the ECC was shooting for a monopoly on east coast MMA it's too bad really.

Oh well keep doing what your doing, maybe it will turn around, who knows.