please post Lindland biting gif

the one where he bites a guy Tyson style during a Greco match.

Mud slinger, imo.


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what a dick...

What a fucking asshole.

Thank you, Fedor.

I'd like to see the Lindland apologists make sense of that bullshit.



WTF is that all about? There's no biting in the Olympic trials!

friggin' goon

Did he knock himself out?

Sieracki, a military police sergeant stationed at the Fort Carson Army post, won the match 2-1 on a referee's decision. USA Wrestling committees upheld that decision, but an arbitrator ordered a rematch after Lindland claimed he was illegally tripped. Lindland won the rematch 8-0.

I didn't hook the legs,'' Sieracki said.It was incidental contact. On top of that, he bit my ear and should have been disqualified. The ear bite is a lot more apparent compared to the leg call.''

Lindland, an assistant coach at Nebraska until April, did not deny biting Sieracki's ear and said he wanted the videotape to be presented during arbitration.

I requested the videotape be used and USA Wrestling didn't want to look at it,'' Lindland said.They objected to using the tape. ... All I will say is we can both agree the officials did a poor job. At least we can both agree on that.''

lol, kinda sounds like Linland has nothing against biting another competitor from the way it is worded in the article.  And if he also has "fake tapped", that is really pathetic

The Law!