Please rate: Gracies in Action

Watching the Ralek thread prompted me to ask; How good is the Gracie's in Action DVD set?  How many of you have seen it and how many of you would say it's worth the money to buy it?

Thanks in advance. 

in action 2 is much better than the first. the first has helio vs kimura, which is historically very important, but unwatchably boring.

part 2 rocks. it's got rickson vs duarte on the beach. it's got rorion going to a bunch of karate schools and beating their teachers. his commentary is great. it's got wallid ismael vs eugenio tadeau. yeah get part 2

They're entertaining, but overpriced IMO. Also Rorions narration during the fights makes it sound like a TV infomercial for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

You can get both for $50.00 at Rorions site.

$50 bucks for two huh?  A little steep but I'd like to see them.  Especially Rorion dojo storming!  

Thanks guys.  Any other input is appreciated.

Also I thought it was funny how many of the opponents wanted to fight again after being beaten soundly. Just like Ralek vs. the kickboxer. Rorion beats a Hapkido guy 3-4 times if I remember correctly.

they are must have for any MMA collection

wow, those guys are tough, beating up karate instructors! Watch out world!

The Gracie brother swiftly turns the headlock into an armlock...

...and the judo representative passes out in painless defeat... *judo guy's legs twitch*

'eeeen a last desperate attempt, he eeeven tries to grab for my groin'

Mixed reviews. 

I think I'll purchase it anyway.  Surely there is something valuable..... if anything I guess it's just history worthy for the MMA collection.   

I liked them both, but I think the second one is alot better.

I liked GIA 1 the most. I loved the BJJ vs. Karate challenge and Kimura/Helio.

How can anyone say that match is boring?

It's a couple minutes of the best technique you'll ever see -- Kimura just slams Helio to the mat with O-Soto-Gari and explodes past his guard.

Helio/Kato isn't the most thrilling, but the finish is pretty cool. Both matches are historic; everyone ought to see them.


Well worth the money IMO

I can't find Rorion's website. Where can I get these dvds? Can someone post a link please?

theJET GIA was good when they came out. They are mostly trying to sell you on the effectiveness of Gracie JJ. By now we know that it works so its not all that special.

It is still a fun watch to see the younger Gracies beating people up :)

"Also Rorions narration during the fights makes it sound like a TV infomercial for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu."

Well that was the original intention of the videos. I am hoping that they come out with part 3. Any word on the possiblities of this?

An absolute classic. Anyone who states differently really does'nt appreciate BJJ. All of this footage is pre-UFC. There is also rare footage of Rolles Gracie taking on a Kung-fu owner ala 1975. Not a waste of money at all.

Now I'm getting good feedback.  I think it's a buy for sure! 

Great pieces of martial arts history, get them!

Where can I buy these dvds?????