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Hey everyone,

We've started a promotion along with the Rocinha Project to raise money for the kids to train at the Rocinha Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

As you might know, we sell a DVD called Tools of the Trade. It's a videomagazine featuring a lot of black belts doing interviews, and instructional footage as well.

We are happy with how the DVD has done and are now looking to give back. The Rocinha Project is a program where kids and adults in Rocinha are able to train for free. This program is great as it's located in a very bad area with a lot of drugs and violence taking place.
This helps keep the kids off of the street and I truly feel that the kids will benefit off the mat from training BJJ as well as giving them something positive to do. You can read full details on the program at

We've decided to donate 50% of all our proceeds to the Rocinha Project. This money will help purchase gi's and keep the program running as the black belts who teach do so voluntarily.

If you already have the DVD and still would like to help, all the information is on, you can donate $1.00 if you like, no amount is too small. The Jiu-Jitsu really means a lot to these kids.

You can order our DVD at
It's $17 and we ship free to the entire world.

Thanks everybody for reading, and let's try to keep this to the top.

Thanks to for letting us post this, I swear we're getting a Pro Business Account soon!!! Thanks everybody.

cool, payday is tomorrow, and I'd love to help the kids...




Great idea.


Nathan -

Thanks a bunch Nathan. I appreciate the support.

Nice gesture for the kids!