Please stop with the ignorance

Jones dominated Teixeira, but by no means is having someone way bigger than you, pressing you against the fence, and fighting with elbows, kicks, knees and stomps, "beating you at your own game"

That was the opposite of Teixeiras game. Whos game is to be pressed against the fence and leaned on?

I don't like how they never got separated and Jones just leaned on him, landing a shot here and there at several different points in the fight, don't get me wrong, there was plenty of points where he was doing a lot of damage.

But every single round he would hold him against the cage for minutes at a time, and it seemed a little stalling to me. (not taking anything away, he dominated Glover, but I don't think you should be able to just hold someone on the cage and not get it separated because you are champion)

The elbow crank is a legit move, not dirty in my eyes, that changed the fight.

But OH LAWD! Lets talk about eye poke Jones! Not only the eye pokes, but sticking his fingers in your face so you can't move in that direction, Glover couldn't load up because he'd get poked in the eyes if he did... They seriously need to figure something out about the fingers in the face bullshit!

I'm just tired of everyone saying

Jones "beat Teixeira at HIS OWN GAME"

Being pressed against the fence is not where Glover is at his best. Plain and simple. Ignorant statement.

I saw no stalling. He had him up against the cage and beat the dog shit out of him. Go back in your hole Phone Post 3.0

Glover is a puncher. That's most of his game.

Jones admits he was fighting in "extremely close range" elbows, knees etc.

Would that make it "beating Glover at his own game" ?

Jones dominated in impressive fashion. I would not call it beating Glover at his own game though. He fought Glover differently than many thought he would which was very impressive. Phone Post 3.0