Please tell me bout GH3

hey guys hoping sumone could tell what this game is like?? is it worth the money getting the game and guitar package? quite pricey down here in Aussieland

whats the replay value like ? also is it possible to use the GH3 guitar on other games like rockband...?


ton of fun if you have friends over

music selection is actually good

feel like a rock star

buy GH2 for cheap used and have twice the songs

if you have a 360 , alot  of downloadeble content

minus :

Hard.... for me at least .... i suck at it

downloadable can be expensive after a while

Must have game. Even if you play through it and get tired of it, you'll always come back to it to run through your favorite songs every once in a while.

VERY few games offer casual replay value like it.

It's a blast!

Well i think thats settled it then boys...many thanks

i'll be grabbing a copy tomorrow

Good stuff...but 3 is prolly my least favorite overall collection of stock songs.

My all time GH favorite...Killer Queen by Queen.

If you've never played the game before try to be patient and definitely do
the in-game tutorials they have. They'll help out a lot if you've never
played before.

You'll probably be addicted in a matter of days.