Please trade Souray

Please Bob Gainey, trade Souray before his value goes down. He's probably the worst defence player i've ever seen in my whole life. Tonight he's the one responsable for both goals, turning his back on the play on the first goal and getting a stupid penalty with 12 seconds to play in overtime.

First time this season they lost twice in a row.

In his game against the Canes last week he took a mindless penalty
against Justin Williams?. Ref right there...puck heading the other direction
and he started cross-checking Williams. Williams just looked at
him....."go ahead"...and he hit him two more times drawing the penalty.

Totally goaded....and it was blatantly obvious what Williams was doing.

Worked out good for us as I believe we converted.

I don't know about trade (and don't follow that closely) but he at least
needs a dopeslap.

I heard Souray for Salo and Morrison from Vancouver.

B.Morrison is a verrry good player, just underachieving a bit.

Salo has a fricken laser from the point/slot.

I would love to see Van get more than a slow moving scoring Souray.

No way that trade happens. Salo imo is better than Souray but a bit injury prone, and Morrison still isn't 100% yet from offseason surgery. The only reason Mo is playing atm is his ironman streak.

As much as i like both those guys, Montreal would be nuts to trade for a currently underachieving $3.5 mill center @ maybe 80% health, and an injury prone "Finnish MacInnis" that's an UFA at the end of the season.

I've heard for the last season & a half that the Nucks are after Souray but i don't think it'll be for Salo & Mo. More likely Cooke + a prospect like Bourdon or Schneider and i'd hate to see one of those prospects go. Could be Cooke + Anaheim's second rounder but i haven't looked at what Souray is making salary-wise. Would be great if Van could unload Cooke and Mo's salaries to Montreal to go after a free agent or trade for another center with the cap space, hard to say.

I never heard these Morrison and salo for souray rumours, does Nonis want to get fire dor something? Salo has like 50-60 point potential if it were not for injuries and if he wa son a decent offensive team. Morrison has always been talented. heck, if I were montreal I'd trade Souray for salo straight up.

''He's probably the worst defence player i've ever seen in my whole life.''

never seen jason allison, eh?

Allison is a forward.

sorry, i thought you said defensive.

in that case; cory cross is pretty aweful.

is he the one who was married to that redhead who was a b actress?

Yep he was married to her. She is a psycho bitch who made up the whole wife-beating thing at the advice of her lawyer.

This came out but was little publicised. I feel bad for Sourray and I hate the guy.