Please welcome our new Mod

Rastus is our new mod replacing Ferox, I am suspecting Matt might want to opt out also? If so I am open to suggestions.

the rev

welcome mod rastus.


What does "rastus" mean?



(DT, almost sleeping.)

Welcome mod Rastus!

welcome my friend. You deserve it

yours in Christ



Welcome, bro. Use your power wisely.

suggestions?..hhmm? lets see. i think Martial Shadow or IBI would make great mods if their interested.

yours in Christ


Why has Ferox dropped out?

Ferox wasn't around much, and my schedule is getting very busy, I need mods that can actually help now, so I fired his lazy ass.

the rev


How did Ferox ever get to be mod of the HolyGround?

Cuz him and the Rev are the odd couple.

A european goth/punk satanist and a Christ-loving American ass kicker.


I nominate Pastor Sherm, Helwig and IBI.

thanks for your vote BMac i truly appreciate it. However I think somebody with different views then the rev would make a better mod. To make it a more rounded, fair, and balanced forum. I basically have the same views and beliefs as the rev.

yours in Christ


Yeah, I understand that, but isn't the point of a mod not to promote a faith, but just to keep things cool? One's faith shouldn't matter, one's demeanor should. But if diversity is important, IBI would be good.

I would also nominate you or StKolbe. You are both my brothers in Christ and i respect and admire both of you. But your doctrines differ from the rev's and mine. not that your wrong by any means.But i think it would be great to have a Catholic mod.

yours in Christ


I'd have nominated Kolbe too, but as you know he's on sabbatical. Thanks for the nod, but someone who's more consistently a regular here should be moderator. I personally don't think it's important to have a Catholic mod, just a fair one, whatever their faith.

Pastor S, thanks for saying we're brothers in Christ, I agree.