Please welcome our new Mod

I appreciate your support man.

No prob man.

I appreciate the Helwig-BMac mutual appreciation society

yours in christ


I'm a mod on all forums and have never deleted anything here. If you need help, Rev, just let me know!SCRAP

We appreciate that you appreciate us. Man.

Scrapper you are always welcome to help out here, and to delete any of Rastus' posts :)

But why would you delete a post when it isn't really there anyways :)

the rev

well Scrap isn`t really there

Was Scrapper the culprit who deleted my beloved post where I singed the tailfeathers of our beloved rooster?

I call that thread...the KFC Special...for ol' rooster ;)

Greetings, all. Thanks for the warm welcome. I finally have an opportunity to exhaust all of my fascist tendencies online.

can mods delete other mod's posts? If this is the case I feel rastus is about to unleash some righteous indignation type retribution upon a poor unsuspecting Scrapper.

yours in Christ



I reserve the right to remain my roguish self...but that would be quite horrendous - a Mod Delete fight!



yours in Christ


I have no idea who deleted your thread, I am thinking of asking Kirik about it.

the rev