Plot to kidnap Michigan Gov a setup?

Reminds me of ruby ridge. Fed informant pesters Weaver to saw off a shotgun just so they can use that to turn him to get closer to the head Aryan guy. Then the feds kill his family.

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You are now.

This is the same sort of thing that happened during the War on Terror days. They’d talk about this big bust of Muslim Extremists. You dig into the story and read between the lines and it was the same deal. Some agent(s) came up with the whole plot, and convinced some guys at a local mosque to ‘go along with it’.

These guys are a complete and utter joke. Total disgrace to law enforcement.


For sure.

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You are naive, son. But that’s ok. You will learn someday.

The trial judge in that case even threw out the gun charge. The only thing Weaver was convicted on was failure to appear at a hearing.

Some texts messages are being released. I haven’t vetted them so can’t confirm authentic but I think they are.

Texts are between FBI informant Thor and his handler

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Which is which?

I pretty much called this on Day 1. Textbook spook shit as usual.

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The one with the Thor icon is the informant. The other one is giving Thor some goals for the day.

The legal filling has a lot more information

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no he wont

Feds gonna Fed. Legitimate use of CI’s can be vital to solving crimes. Federal entrapment via civilian operatives is not the same thing.

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That’s because you are narrow minded and unsure of yourself.

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Seems like these days you have to be on the lookout for feds, even in a place like this. Watch out for boneheads that try and instigate or goad you on. I’ve seen it in some threads that made me wonder. Wouldn’t shock me if we have resident feds here trying to suss out ‘extremists’.


Just stop being the type of person who can be goaded into shit like that! Let’s not ignore the source of the problem.

I hope we do. We should welcome them.

“That girl had a short skirt on. It’s her own fault she got raped.”

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I think we’ve witnessed the FBI abuse their power more since Obama was POTUS and most of their abuse of power was when a Liberal was in office.

COINTELPRO was under a Republican administration

The Patriot Act and all of it’s rampant abuses was under a Republican administration

There is plenty of blame to go around