Plot to kidnap Michigan Gov a setup?

I would say Obama spied more that did crap with the FBI.

Which also brings me to the recent NSO Pegasus dump. Malware to access phones and spy on people. They have been releasing names that were on the list recently.

The Patriot Act formed Department of Homeland Security - the FBI wasn’t overly engaged once they were established. COINTELPRO was created by a Republican and also cancelled by a Republican in 1971 with Democrats mixed in between. The program itself monitored extreme hate groups on both sides and communist groups which isn’t surprising given we just exited WW2.

These are hardly comparable to the abuse of power the FBI has demonstrated in the last 13 years, especially by Democrats.

That’s a silly perspective. This isn’t supposed to be a team sport.

The FBI, and the intelligence community on whole, consider themselves apart from the never ending changes in leadership in the white house. From their point of view, presidents come and go, and it’s their job to actually run the country and keep things on track.

That’s too much power.

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What’s the solution?

It shouldn’t be a team sport, to be sure.

The FBI has been pretty fucked up since J. Edgar Hoover. It’s a machine that was built by a crazy weirdo and it’s been perpetuated by an endless line of crazy weirdos.

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