Thanks to whoever it was that mentioned that pullup lunge pushup program in my other thread. Got a vote up for you, sorry i got nothin else. Waterbury plp was it? Not like i'll ever need tp read it again. Really simple.

Clifs? Phone Post 3.0

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"1. If you can perform more than 10
continuous pull-ups, start with 10 reps of
the pull-up, 10 reps of the lunge (each
leg), and 10 reps of the push-up on the
first day. Keep adding one rep to each
exercise each day until you reach 69 reps
on day 60.

If you can only knock off a single-digit set
of body-weight pull-ups, start with one
rep of each exercise on the first day and
add a rep to each exercise each day. So
on day 60 you'll be doing 60 reps of each

2. Spread out the reps as much as

As you get into higher reps you won't be
able to finish all of them in one set. This
is how it's supposed to be. You can
spread the reps throughout the day.

Most of my clients start their day with a
circuit of the PLP program before
breakfast. For example, on day 32 of this
program my client did four rounds of
eight reps with each exercise. It took him
five minutes to complete.

Later in the day, do your main workout.
Generally, try to have at least 6 hours
between the PLP workout and your main
workout. And you don't need pre/post-workout nutrition for PLP workouts. Save
that for your main workouts.

3. Don't do more.

T NATION readers are a motivated bunch,
and many will want to do more reps at
first. Don't.

The first week should feel like nothing. It's
important to slowly build the volume so
your ability to recover isn't overwhelmed.
The PLP program, or any HFT program, is
intended to work a lot like compounding
interest: small additions each day make a
big difference over the long haul.

If you start with 10 reps of each exercise
on the first day, by the end of the first 30
days you'll have performed 735 reps of
the pull-up, lunge (with each leg), and
push-up. The volume really adds up
between days 31-60. During that time
you'll perform an additional 1,635 reps!

4. Use different movement variations.

You can use different versions of each
exercise. For example, feel free to do pull-ups with a narrow or wide pronated hand
position, a narrow or wide neutral hand
position (palms facing each other), or a
supinated (palms facing you) grip. Push-ups can be performed with your hands
wide, narrow, or in between. Lunges can
be forward, reverse, or to the side.

There's no set rule, but my clients usually
rotate between two and three different
hand positions every few days. Do
whichever version you feel like doing that

5. Don't change your main program.

Regardless of what program you're on,
keep it as is. The PLP program is a
supplement to what you're currently

Sorry for wall of text. Read that or type in plp waterbury to find several pages on it. I was asking about pushups and pullups on a daily basis for my workout the other week or so and someone told me to search plp waterbury. I was looking for a complete routine with just bodyweight but this is advertised as a supplemental workout. I'm just doing this and adding in ab work jumping jacks and some shadowboxing around it. It's kinda ridiculous to me startind at such low numbers but i'm looking forward to getting into higher rep #'s. Only at twenty right now. So today was 20 pullups (8, 4, 3, 3, 2) 20 reverse lunges and 20 pushups. Not really what most badasses of the OG will be interested in but i enjoy it so far. Quick and easy, but i feel it.