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"You now have a thorough understanding of 'punch.' Why did I give you such a detailed education in the fundamentals of hitting before I taught you any 'defensive' moves?

"I did this for many reasons, but the principle reason was this: The best defense in fighting is an AGGRESIVE DEFENSE. Each defensive move must be ACCOMPANIED BY A COUNTER PUNCH OR BE FOLLOWED IMMEDIATEDLY BY A COUNTERPUNCH. And you cannot counter properly if you do not know how to punch.

"That does NOT mean that 'a strong offense is the best defense.' That overworked quotation may apply to other activities; but it does NOT apply to fighting. It doe NOT apply when you're pitted against an experienced opponent. You may have the best attack in the world; but if you're an open target - if you're a 'clay pigeon' - you'll likely get licked by the first experienced scrapper you tackle.


"Another reason for teaching you punch first was this: you learned how to throw every important punch 'without having an opponent attempt to strike you.'

"I'm convince that it's wrong to try to teach beginners punching moves and defensive moves at the same time. Most humans cannot have two attitudes toward one subject at one time. And beginners can't have two attitudes toward fighting. If you take any 10 beginners and attempt to teach them punching and defense simultaneously, more than half of them will concentrate on defense instead of punching.

"That's a natural inclination for it's only human that a fellow doesn't like to get hit in the face - or in the body either, for that matter. It follows that more than half the beginners will consider it more important to prtect their own noses than to concentrate on learning how to belt the other guy in the nose. They'll develop DEFENSE COMPLEXES that will stick with them. Fellows with DEFENSE COMPLEXES rarely develop into good punchers. Even when they are shown how to hit correctly, the sprout bad punching habits while concentrationg on blocking, parrying, back-pedalling and the like. They 'pull' their punches; side-step while trying to throw straight smashes; the move in with 'clutching' fist that seek to encircle their opponents for clinches; and the do much showy nut purposeless footwork.

"The little though-ditch that is dug in the beginning will become the big channel for later fistic reactions. You're luckly. You're starting with the mental account punch. And it's 100 - to - 1 shot that your attitude will not change. It's true you haven't punched yet at a live target - at another fellow. Don't worry; there's plenty of time for that. And when you do start tossing at a live target, you'll know exactly how to toss. That exact knowledge will help you to become accurate and precise, as well as explosive, against a moving target.

End of chapter 18.

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