plural assailant

Scott, I was wondering if you could add to this? Apart from the ground survival video and the plural assailant seminar back 1999, I have been working with the following ideas.

1. Ground dis-engagments for PA: Standing to ground- roll into your assailants and bring them to the ground. This can be done by rolling on top, under, around, or right into your assailants. If caught in a hold, then take him along with you as you engage the ground. Ground to standing- find a way to use one of your assailants as a ladder and climb up, as you push him down. If grab by an assailant bring him down and roll over him and use his body a spring. Also just keep moving until you can get up.

2. Standin E&E: Use one as a sheild and move your way through. If caught in a grab, try to move him into the direction of the nearest assailant. Though that one is hard, for people tend to get caught up with the grab.

3. Weapons: Deal with the most serious threat first. Also use one again as a sheild to put him in the line of fire.

A couple of warm up drills that my group uses is to be pushed hard, while running, into people and things. Learning to roll over people in different ways is important tool to be able to perform.


Alright my brother.


Scott, no problem. I wasn't even sure if I should of posted more advance concepts of ROSS on this forum. Since ROSS is still growing I guess I will keep more posts like this offline. Besides, that is enough training for my group for while anyway.