Plus SIze Obese Model Reveals She Is Anorexic!


She doesn’t want global warming. She wants climate change and more frosting.


Come on guys. Cut her some slack. Her profile says Black Lives Matter.

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She is easily 500lbs

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This thread has me dying over here. hahahahhaa. I’m glad I found it this far in so I can enjoy it all at once.
And lol at that tub of goo being anorexic.
The hilarious thing is when everyone and their mother (rightly) laughs at this cow, she will turn it into even more fat shaming, eating disorder shaming, and turn herself into an even bigger victim.

Down, set… HIKE!!!


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That’s not ‘plus sized,’ that is order of magnitude sized.

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She’s clearly getting them to cover up her stretch marks. No doubt she’ll be getting alot more as they years go by.

First post!

sit on my face yokozuna GIF by WWE

She really looks the picture of health in that video’s thumbnail. She looks like she’s about to have a heart attack.

Dude what the fuck is wrong with those guys? Even if it’s fake there is like a half inch of fabric between his face and that guys asshole.

How the heck does anyone look at that chick and say - I’ll pay her to wear LESS clothes?

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He definitely tasted his sweaty taint