Pluto tv

Shit came with my new tv. Free with multiple channels for combat sports. I was flipping between muay thai from Thailand and Glory kickboxing. I am in heaven with the free combat sports. I wrote off the free tv provider deals until finally using one. I’m stoked.

Its legit ,install it on firesticks also

youll be dissapointed to learn that they replay the same shit every day for like a month

The guy that owns the site is an OG’er it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him post tho

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I watch Mystery Science Theater on Pluto. It’s fantastic.

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He usually shows up in these threads. Sup pluto tv

They have great movies too.

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Great for free TV, yeah replays a lot of same stuff but again it’s free so who cares.

Used to binge watch Cops and Fear Factor

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an antennae, pluto, prime and kanopy is pretty much all you need.

I like it.

Yea kinda sucks with repeating so much but 1000 times better than searching through hundreds of cable stations only to realize there is nothing on.

A lot of repeats but still I watch it probably 30% of the time that I watch TV. I pay for sling and wouldn’t miss it if I had to quit and go to pluto.

When I do watch pluto it’s usually MST3K or rifftrax… The constant commercials pluto for me

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Appreciate the support. Long tome UGer :slight_smile:

No more ownership after Viacom acquisition. But still here running the fight and wrestling channels.


I remember I was filling workout sandbags/tubes with a little funnel and shit was taking long as hell, MTV Challenge reruns on Pluto got me through it.