Plz post results to invitational

Looking for the results to todays grappling invitational. thanks

results please

TTT for results!!!

Winners are:

Gavin Hesson,
Rob McDonald,
Rebecca Sweeney,
Scott Lewis,
Dan Elmy,
Antonio Carvalho,
P.J. O'Sullivan,
Marco Costa,
Rowan Cunningham.

Awesome show! Great job Ricardo!

Thanks for the info Magus77 !!!

Congrats to 'Maximus' Rob MacDonald your the shit man...

That makes three big wins for Team Tompkins this weekend.

Good times... I'm already hammered:)

Monkey KICKED some serious ass.....

Fantastic Job to all of the competitors. All the fighters showed a great level of technique and determination during there fights. It was my pleasure to officiate at this event and look forward to the GTA on March 20th 2004!!!!


What happened to Jeremy Hamilton vs. Pain Peters. Was that never official?

Jeremy kicked Pain's ass like he wasnt even there.

Plz give some details about the fightS!!!!Congrats to all!

LMAO @ "like he wasn't even there!"

For some reason, Pain Peters was unable to attend, and thus Jeremy won by default. I feel bad for Jeremy though, because he always trains very hard and I'm sure he would have wanted to fight.

TTT for Rick and a great inaugural card!

TTT for Rick, great job!!!


Ronin Mixed Martial Arts




Professor Behring

Elmy from Karma/Nova Uniao defeated Jesse Richardson from Shah's by points

Maz from Karma/Nova Uniao defeated Vadim from Minoru by points.

Marco Costa of Shah's defeated Shaun Krysa of Georgetown Marcus Soares by either triangel or arm bar from triangle.

Rebecca Sweeney of CBK/Nova Uniao defeated Ashlyn Kanawaty of shah's by points.

P.J. O'sullivan of Joslins defeated Jon Loginow of Shah's by Triangle.

Scott Lewis of Karma/Nova Uniao defeated Vadim of Minoru by rear naked choke.

Richard Nancoo of Shah's defeated Mark Loft of Ronin/Nova Uniao by submission.

Anotonio Carvalho of Shah's defeated Elliot Bayev of Rebellion by submission.

Rob Macdonald of Team Tompkins defeated Kareem Byron of Bob Carvers/Marcus Soares by shoulder lock.

Gavin Hesson of Joslins defeated Dominic Passero of Karma/Nova Uniao by arm bar from triangle.

Rowan Cunningham of Joslins defeated Brent Beauparlant of GAMMA/Nova Unaio by shoulder lock.