POC will be playing Snow White in live adaptation film

I’m more annoyed that Disney is remaking another classic instead of coming up with a new idea.

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Don’t worry. They have seven films planned which will be about the backstories of each of the seven dwarfs

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Let’s just recast every classic movie with POC instead of white people so over time they can stop distributing the version with the white people. I think it’s sad the best Disney can do these days is recycle movies that featured white characters with POC.

Will they still include the non-consensual rape kiss at the end? Or does this Snow White not need no man?

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Maybe as in “Thas no white bitch”


You would think this is true but actor/whores could give a shit it’s all about wanting to be famous. Like Rogan said they will literally do and or say anything to become even a third rate celebrity.

Mocha Mestiza and the seven coffee growers/cocaine mules, etc. - IMO

vigorous handshake, imo

Whatever I guess.

I find it sad that SJWs cannot create anything of their own but simply “re-imagine” other intellectual properties.

Any one who takes a selfie of themselves in front of a mirror I just cannot take seriously.

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Whoah…that bish needs to eat a sammich…

she’s half polish. maybe without a tan she’s light