Podcast recommendations

Gentlemen, I have 2hours in the car ever workday. I need some podcast recommendations. I listen to JRE, Cleared Hot, Shawn Ryan show, the Morning Wire, Ben Shapiro and some various hunting and sports podcasts.
What else you got?

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Kill Tony. Tony Hinchcliffe and a guest draw names from a bucket to do 1 minute of standup.

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Spittin chicklets. Hockey podcast


Boxing and MMA podcasts:

Live Boxing with Costello & Bunce

Tha Boxing Voice

The Rope A Dope Radio Podcast

Boxing News Podcast

THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas

World Championship Boxing

Boxing Life Stories

Fight Night

World Championship Boxing

Boxing Asylum: Nuthouse Podcast

The 3 Knockdown Rule
Leave it in the Ring Radio

TKO with Carl Frampton

State of Combat with Brian Campbell

SI Boxing with Chris Mannix


Macklin’s Take - Boxing Podcast

Showtime Boxing with Raskin & Mulvaney

TalkBox Boxing Podcast

Team LeftJab

The PBC Podcast

The (un)Professional Boxing Podcast

The Last Round

MMASucka Radio
MMA Roasted Podcasts

Severe MMA Podcasts

MMAWeekly - Knockout Radio
BJ Penn Podcasts

No Holds Barred with Eddie Goldman

IT’S TIME with Bruce Buffer

Beatdown After The Bell

UFC Unfiltered

The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

Morning Kombat with Luke Thomas

Michael Bisping Podcast

Bloody Elbow Presents

You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen

MMA Junkie Radio

LowKickMMA Podcasts
The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast
The Hammer MMA Radio
Between Rounds Radio
The MMA Road Show with John Morgan
Pro Wrestling & MMA Podcast
Fight Disciples Podcast
MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast with Karyn Bryant and Alan Jouban
The Co-Main Event MMA Podcast
MMA Fighting Podcasts

Ran out of bandwidth on this post.

Ear Hustle, stories from San Quentin

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Animal Spirits. Probably my favorite financial podcast.


What are you looking for, sports, politics, true crime? Let us know what you want, and I’m sure someone in here can recommend something good for the topic

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The Last Podcast On The Left

MMA On The Rocks

Commentary magazine podcast - it was recommended by Shapiro, and it’s better than his show.

dan carlin, relisten over and over


Legion of Skanks
Your Moms House
Matt and Shane Secret Podcast

Those are in heavy rotation for me.

Dr Drew after dark can be good at times too.


All In Podcast

BiggerPockets (Any of them, but I like the main one, the ‘Money’ one, and “On the Market”)

MotleyFool Money

Idk if this is your cup of tea, Danny Brown, a funny ass rapper that was on your mom’s house just started a podcast and it’s really good so far

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This they do some great player interviews.

Also the Ruthless podcast if you want a conservative podcast that is funny and not all serious.

2 Bears 1 Cave

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The Meat Eater podcast is the best podcast if you like hunting podcasts. Their trivia podcast is fun too, as is a bunch of their spin-offs like the Bear Grease podcast and Cal’s week in review.

Timesuck Podcast is awesome. Comedian Dan Cummins gives history lessons with some true crime mixed in. You learn a lot and he makes horribly inappropriate jokes along the way. It’s fantastic.

The more I listen to Bill Burrs Monday morning podcast the more I enjoy it.

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All the usuals have already been mentioned so I’ll throw out

  1. Confused Breakfast - They rewatch, rate and review classic 80’s 90’s movies

  2. Honestly w/ Bari Weiss - she’s a lefty that got cancelled for not being lefty enough.

  3. Triggernometry - 2 ex comics - they go hard on cancel culture, left wing politics

Legion of skanks, very OG

Also, if you like skanks check out Real Ass Podcast, and The Bonfire, you can find on youtube, Bonfire is a bit “cleaner” but rules