Podcast recommendations

Hah was listening to this the other day. Danny Brown is my favorite rapper.

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He’s up there for me as well. My girlfriend like the white girl she is couldn’t listen anymore because he says “you get what I’m saying incessantly” she just fixated on him saying that the entire podcast. If you notice though, he says it all the time.

I Don’t Speak German. The podcast itself if dogshit, but it reviews and directs you to better, more interesting podcasts.

I listen to those two as well.

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Crackle crackle, doggy! Lol

Dan Carlin gets the respect he deserves as the OG of history podcasts. Hardcore History is the standard by which we judge all other history podcasts.

But if you want more than just Dan, Martyrmade, History Impossible and History on Fire are good.

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Tim Dillon is top of the pile for me.
Matt & Shane
Adam Friedland Show
Theo Von
Legion of Skanks

10 minute Podcast
Hardcore History
Spittin Chiclets

Spittin Chiclets is the one podcast I can’t get enough of. There are a lot of great comedians out there that have the ability to go on a rant. Bill Burr is one that definitely stands out. I’m not exaggerating when I say Ryan Whitney, a former hockey player, blows them all away. It’s crazy how good he is. The other guys on the show are solid as well and they all play off each other extremely well. The early episodes especially are very unfiltered, so you get some great locker room talk. Add in the fact they have a lot of great current and former players give real unfiltered interviews and it all makes for an awesome show if your interest in hockey in any way.

Hail Nimrod!

Timesuck is great.

Tuesdays with Stories. Comedians Mark Normand and Joe List. Nothing political. They are both funny and have quick humour.

Fly on the wall is really good. David Spade and Dana Carvey interviewing snl alums