POF Troll??? You be the judge!

So I'm back to playing around on POF and the pickings are slim if anything. I came across this one profile that seems blatantly trollish. I've started communication to dig further but here's the screen name for you guys.


Enjoy Phone Post 3.0

How do I paste imgur links? Phone Post 3.0

It's a blonde female Phone Post 3.0

Rather the pics suggest it's a female but the profile is incredulous. Phone Post 3.0

In for eventual tranny hook up. This is what the OG is all about!

https://imgur.com/gallery/SctPb Phone Post 3.0

Doesn't look tranny but possibly a fake profile. I'm trying to set up a meet n greet Phone Post 3.0

https://imgur.com/gallery/SctPb Phone Post 3.0

I'm probably doing this all wrong but anyway.....

'http://i.imgur.com/X97JlGb.jpg' alt='' Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

She's a size queen. I hope you're sporting an OG hog stringer.

You definitely need to be creative and have fun with the message Phone Post 3.0

Doesn't look like tranny

leaves thread disappointed

Thanks ZNed! Phone Post 3.0

panic686 - You definitely need to be creative and have fun with the message Phone Post 3.0
That's the thing, I haven't done this in over a year so I'm mad rusty! My wit ain't shit. Phone Post 3.0

Yea, I'm in for eventual meeting Phone Post 3.0

Battery was 100%

Well done op Phone Post 3.0

I may buy a pair of Timberlands just for our fuck sessions. Phone Post 3.0

https://imgur.com/EYzJ5jC Phone Post 3.0

Real profile but fake pictures I think.

I had a similar profile hit me up a few years back i show up and it's a short fat dude in a corset.

He opened the door and hid behind it, by the time I turned and saw him he had slammed the door and locked it.


He replies "I've got $100 to just give you head"

I tried to walk out and he tried to block me, so I blasted him with a straight right and he falls down I drag him from in front of the door and then I'm out.

People are fucking weird on pof in Manhattan. Phone Post 3.0