Poirier Ghosted by UFC



Which is why “The Diamond” is keeping his options open.

“I’m not committing to anything,” Poirier told The MMA Hour. “I haven’t even spoken to the UFC about the title fight timeline. I haven’t spoken to anyone about setting up another fight. I haven’t even been reached out by the company. Anything is possible but we’ll just go with what makes the most sense. I’m not surprised that I haven’t been contacted but I’m sure it’s coming.”

Don’t let him fool you. He wants nothing to do with Nate Diaz




Nate is relevant to the shit talking pussy who cant fight and thinks weed is a personality.

Dustin is a warrior. Nate doesn’t deserve to fight him


I don’t know why this is even a conversation, Dustin should be fighting for the belt. I don’t understand why the UFC has not set up him vs Oliveira.


Because they want Conor to beat him then fight for the belt. They don’t give a fuck about poirier and dustin already said hed rather have money than the belt

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& that’s what is sad about the UFC. The title should be the big payday & the champ(s) should be paid accordingly. Money fights are great for non contenders but something is wrong with the system if you get paid more than the champ.


lol they want to pay him a lot less. Probably want to pay him 1/3rd of what he made against Conor.

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Agreed but it’sa relatively safe fight and may be a nice payday, but it should be Dustin’s call.

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Idk why but dustin vs nate is money fight, oliveira can hold the belt as much he wants nobody cares about it, they can fight for belt after nate fight

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Even in his prime, nate was a .500 fighter lol.

I like nate. But if you think hes a top tier fighter, you’re thinking with your heart instead of your mind.


What if you sell more ppv then belt holder?

This. Dustin is cashing in massively at the moment. If I am him, I am taking the Nate fight then seeing where Conor’s leg is at. If he is still pissing about and not making a serious effort at returning, fight for number one contender or the belt at that point.

Only flaw with this plan, the Nate fight is probably not a PPV headliner so no PPV points. He would have to negotiate a side deal or take his contract purse?

Who’s the guy with the hat?

Do you have anymore room in your mouth? Dustin wipes the mat with Nate’s blood and everyone knows it.

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