Poirier:I still think I can beat McGregor

... Phone Post 3.0

fightcity - If he truly analyzes why he lost and why he was hit and seeks to add to his game what was lacking to prevent that and counter it he would have a better chance in a rematch but if he just thinks he got caught and does not learn anything and tries the same strategy he'd get knocked out again IMO...
Conner told him exactly what he was going to do and he still lost. Phone Post 3.0

Either way, I'm actually interested in seeing Dustin's next fight. Should give us a very good indication of where he's at mentality.

FanToFighter - Can nobody accept a loss now days? Phone Post 3.0

It's gotta be tough for any fighter to lose, especially to a guy who shit talked you the whole time and picked the round. I don't care who you are, that's gonna bug you and be tough to except.

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pennviachoke - These responses here are...well, expected I guess.

I was gonna post here but I see the ingrates I'd be dealing with & it's not worth it

Nuthuggers gonna nuthug Phone Post 3.0
Cry Phone Post 3.0
Nuthug Phone Post 3.0
Sort of like what you originally intended to do in this thread with Poirier? Phone Post 3.0
Don't assume things... You know what they say about that. Phone Post 3.0
Well, then drop all of the unnecessary passive aggressive melodrama and just speak your mind like an adult. Phone Post 3.0