Poirier ready to fight Colby

TBF, if you wouldn’t call Dustin a cuck to his face, then don’t hide behind a pic of Colby and your keyboard.


I wasn’t tagging him in it to be a dick, I just kept tagging him in it and I would write “this fight needs to Happen” things like that lol


Dustin blocked me years ago. fuck that guy.


Mr. Liyon, you seem more familiar with the call out than I am. Can you please tell me when Colby allegedly called out Dustin? Specifically, was it before or after the Masvidal attack? I can’t see Colby calling him out after the attack. That being said, if the callout was prior to the ambush then that kind of negates things regarding the call-out. Thank you in advance for your response and diligence regarding the matter.

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