Poirier vs Oliveira verbally agreed to for UFC 269

Are u that dumb that u don’t understand hyperbole? When you have to resort to being pedantic and playing little word games thats when you know you’ve lost. You can’t address the main things of which I said because you don’t know shit about fighting. I guess “knocked out dozens of times” would be more correct for and more apply to bum ass Fedor:)

It’s insane how Oliveria has become the new posterchild for mma hipster phags trying to appear more “knowledgeable” by getting behind an “underdog.” MMA fans are more emotional then women on pms

He claimed to be on Conor and Canelos teams…lol

u and the lion ur alternate names are the worst posters on the board


Great fight. Props to Dustin for taking it as I see Oliveira being way too much for him everywhere


…. For Christ’s sake. The least he could do is claim to work at a gym with regional/ammy fighters.

Has anyone talked to those folks to see if they back up his story?

And I was:)

I was on Conor’s team. I never said I was on Canelo’s team though. But I’ve absolutely helped with some of Canelo’s gameplans. I knew Eddy Reynoso before I ever knew Conor. I think Conor liked the link I had with Reynoso.


Ok. What’s your name? It won’t be much of nothing to get what you say verified.


You need to take your meds.

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Lets say Dustin wins. And defends 1-2 Times. Connor gets 2 wins in a row and suddenly you potentiellt have the biggest fight in mma ppv ever.

waits for his excuses The kid probly had a email replied to and thinks hes on the team

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Done Deal

Lol @ Thaiguy!! Let me guess, you work for team Dustin now?? Bwahahaha, go away troll.

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I got Dustin in this

I see a bunch of people saying Olivera has been on a tear. But Dustin has fought the better competition and killed the myth of Connor.


a great match i am looking forward too
i have Olivera in this one

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The majority of top 10 lightwieghts could have derailed the Conor hype train but UFC protected their golden goose and let him play touch butt at 170 against punchy light weights. UFC picked Dustin because his style was conventional boxing and hoped he would be shook by Conor’s prefight shit talk as was the case in the first fight. With that said Dustin has the best striking at 155 and it should make a great fight against Oliveira.

Some of you sound like teen girls having a fit ha ha. Great fight, and really hard to predict. No one but some on this thread will be surprised whoever wins this one.