Poker DVDs

Anyone seen any of the poker instructional dvds ? Lederer and Hellmuth have some out

i got hellmuth, both of lederer's, caro's poker tells, sklansky's videos and i still suck :)

i think lederer's are more advanced.

i think there's a new one coming out with johnny chan et. al

I've heard Howard's DVDs are good with the exception of the first one. I can't comment on the other ones but I have seen Howard's first DVD and it's very basic. It's all about how the game is played, holding a home tournament, and some pre-flop strategy in regards to hand selection. I've never really thought about buying a poker DVD, and if I didn't happen to find the Howard DVD at a friend's house I probably wouldn't have seen it.

However, a couple weeks ago I was at the library and I did a search to see if they had any poker books and I noticed that they had the Hellmuth DVDs on order. Depending on the size of the library in your area it might be worth checking if they have any of the DVDs, that way you can watch them and if you think they're good enough to own then you can order your own copy

netflix has the hellmuth dvds and Poker for Dummies with Moneymaker.

Poker for Dummies is very, very, very basic stuff and not worth getting for someone who has any grasp on poker already. I have Vol. 2 of the Hellmuth but haven't watched it yet as Vol. 1 has a long wait on it.

Howard's advanced DVD is good. I have both of his and four of Phil's. I would just stick with Howard. I hope Daniel puts something together soon...

Does watching Caro make anybody else want to kill him?