Poker learning curve lose-even-win

There are really only two things I know well music and nhb. I have played guitar for 21 years and did MMA for about 4 years, then quit due to injuries. Anyway I noticed the same learning curve in both activities. It's relatively an exponential learning curve that I guess is something inherent in humans.

0-6 months: beginner

6 months - 2 years: novice

2 - 5 years: intermediate

5 - 10 years: advanced

10+ years: master

According to the internet, EVERYONE makes money playing poker so I just want to get some feedback from people who have been playing longer than me. I've been play a little less than 6 months. I'm pretty much breaking even. Not really winning, but at least not losing like I was when I started.

How long did it take for you guys to become overall consistant winners?

i would think it would depend more on how hard you work at it and how much experience you can pack into the time you do play, rather than strickly on just "time put in".

also, i would suspect that just like in anyything else, certain people might take to poker faster than others do.

how many guys fuck around with mma for years while certain people take it seriously and are fighting professionally in a few years. same with poker and everything else - you'll get out what you put in, within the bounds of your own personal potential.

and today's "overall consistant winners" could very easily become tomorrow's overall consistant losers when it come to things like poker, stock trading, and all other things where the random element is so strong in determining the final outcomes.