Poker Magazines?

Are there any Poker magazines out there worth subscribing to?

All I care about is Hold'em by the way. Are there any Hold'em magazines?

CardPlayer Magazine is $109 a year?!?!?

its free at the casinos in california.....

Just read websites or the poker newsgroup other sites include i normally go through there and use their link for the poker forum also there is of course and for the latest in the tournaments that are going around is good site for that.

"its free at the casinos in california..."

I saw a bunch of copies at a casino over here, but didn't know if they were free to take or just read while you're there.

free to take. i usually take 2.

If they try to stop me I'll just tell them "Headcheese said I could!" and run.

I might even grab a hand full of chips off the nearest table on my way out.


paterson is just bitter because gus hasn't had a nude centerfold in it.

its a cool magazine if you are into poker.

just tell 'em "headcheese said it was cool" to take a few copies. drop my name with the whores too and you'll
get a discount.

if you live in the la area, i have a stack you can have - but i wouldn't pay 100 bucks for a year.

"if you live in the la area, i have a stack you can have"

I'm in Portland, Oregon.

Thanks though.