Pokerground Commerce trip

We are trying to schedule a time and date to get anyone interested in playing at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. So far the interested parties are:




Anyone else interested please post here. I have never been to Commerce (but I live in Los Angeles) so I don't have any experience or knowledge about the casino.

Besides Dec 24-27 I am free any evening or weekend to make it. We could set up a single table tournament with a $100 buy in or something if that's possible.

I would very much like to check out the Commerce but obviously I cant make it this Xmas. I am thinking some time in the spring when the weather gets good.


I'm in after the New Year. I'm broke since Christmas hit. I usually play at Hawaiian Gardens. I haven't been up to Commerce yet but I have heard it is nice.

I use to play commerce 4-5 days a week 7-8 years ago.

Saturday is better for me, Sundays are tourneys on stars and party.

We can talk shit, play some cards, grappling tourney in the hallway!

LOL @ "grappling tourney in the hallway" I think wrecker will win both poker and grappling tournies.

Maybe we can try to set something up for a Saturday sometime in January.

"I think wrecker will win both poker and grappling tournies."

you are probably right but i don't think a tourney would be the best format for our poker game. a cash game would be much better as it could last as long as we felt like playing. it would suck to travel to the commerce and get busted out on the first hand in a one table tournement.

i say we do a no limit cash game with unlimited rebuys and set a minimum time limit for when we stop playing to prevent someone from getting lucky on a big hand and leaving early with all the chips. maybe make it a 8 - 10 hour game to give the cream time to rise to the top.

a loser could leave anytime he wants but the winners have to play at least until the time limit is up. basically it would be simular to a touney but busting out would be voluntary(just bow out a loser and don't rebuy) and the "winner" could be determined by who finishes with the most chips.

we can set the buy-ins anywhere from 100 to 300 with blinds of either 2/3, 3/5, or 5/10. probably best to go with 100 and 2/3, but i'd go higher if everybody wanted to (any lower and the rake would kill us).


count me in also. i have never been to commerce but would like to check it out. i won't be back in LA until january 8th though.

whatever you guys want, this is for fun for me cash game is better some people can buy in small others big

actually we could play downstairs in ring games and start our own game upstairs in a hotel room, I have chips and cards, buttons etc. Weed, cognac, lets do this

I'm game for whatever. I pretty much suck at poker, but it will be cool to hang out with other MMA romos (yikes...did I just type that???).

Dead money here...

i'll bring the smack.

I'm up for a 100 or 200 buy in. My very modest bankroll can stand to lose about that. I feel like I'm just there to donate anyways.

The only thing I'm iffy about is the time limit thing. 8-10 hours is kinda long for me. Anywhere from 6 to maybe 8 would be better.

Saturdays seems good. Just let me know ahead of time.

Im game after the New Years, I locally as well.

For me it ain't about the money whoever can come, come. (I said cum twice heh heh)

Whoever wants to play higher and take on the self pro-claimed best player on PG here can step up and do that too.

Actually maybe I will get drunk first and high and then play, then you guys can feel even worse getting stomped by a drunk stoner.

Just playin, talking shit is what I like to do when sippin good wine, smokin good weed, and typing. Lot of fucking work this dam typing.

Lets start low stakes and and keep it that way for awhile so anyone can play and talk shit.

I will bring somee good weed and share it with whoever, anyone like cognac, got some good 200$ bottle stuff sitting around that needs to get drunk.

I am looking forward to this.

wrecker sounds scared.

7 players so far. we need to set a tentative date. if there is a weekend coming up with a big PPV boxing match maybe we should set it for then since the commerce shows all the fights.

what kind of stakes are you guys thinking?

i hear dr. dre likes sippin' on "yaq".

"Whoever wants to play higher and take on the self pro-claimed best player on PG here can step up and do that too."

i didn't know obiwan was coming?

goddamnit, I want to come but I can't afford the trip
AND losing all my money.

" if there is a weekend coming up with a big PPV boxing match maybe we should set it for then since the commerce shows all the fights. "

thats a great idea. right now though the only fights coming up are on regular hbo because theyre pretty bad, not PPV quality.

Saturday Feb 5th is the UFC?????????

Just buzzed above talkin some friendly shit, that I can back up of course my little poker bitches.

This will be fun, I really like saying poker bitches too! Has a nice ring too it.

Whats the date gonna be?