Hold'em Freeroll, Registration begins in 20 minutes. Come represent the Don.

Registration has begun

its on

Did you register Bigg?

33 minutes left people, Don't be scared!!



Cool hope to see you at the last table

I'm sitting somewhere in the middle of the pack, hoping for a playable hand as of now...

no sooner do I post that and I see rockets in the big blind

and i get busted with them

had a big bet in front of me, 2 callers, I raise, all call. Flop is Q/10/3, 1st position checks, i move in for about another 1K, initial raiser(UTG) folds, both of the other people call. One of them has 10/2, the other has AK. I'm WAY the fuck ahead. 2 on the turn, jack on the river, and i'm out.

Yeah i got pulled out quick

Took 3rd for 36 dimes in 500 tourney end of feb.

Pokerstars is a great site, lots of play for the money.

Also won a seat to the world series of poker through pokerstars.