Police Academy in 40’s?

Been milling over joining the local force here. It’s a nice town with pretty low crime. I’m in my early 40’s & in pretty decent shape. BJJ blue belt & had 10 years prior military service. I’m in IT now but don’t enjoy it & miss a uniform, discipline & the feeling of making a difference. Currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice & would love to work towards being a detective.

Is this a good idea or horrible? Anyone been through the academy & have advice or input? Thanks!


You only live once. Stay safe out there if that is what you choose.


Thank you


You’re not the first OGer to do it. An old school one did and he made detective fast.

Just STFU during defensive tactics at the academy.




I’ve known more than a few who have done it. I got one for you.

My boxing coach became a LEO in his very late 30s, cashed out his 401k mid-forties to open a gym and then went back when he was 50. The kicker is in order to get back, he had to start from scratch; interviews, psych, academy…the whole shebang. You’ll be good.

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Haha I’ll leave my input out of anything they show. Got that from boot camp at least.

Can you make really cool sound effects and/or different kinds of voices?


No, but I’m hoping one of my classmates can!


I wouldnt waste time and money with the criminal justice degree at your age. With your experience, you should be able to get on. Also a chance you dont get hired. Some people, no matter how seemingly qualified, just cant get through the hiring process. A lot of it is being likable and the right personality type as well as personal history/honesty. Most departments have polygraphs, how are you going to handle that? Meaning, how good is that criminal justice degree if you dont get hired? Might as well use it for toilet paper imo. Cheers.


What do you mean we get to go home at the end of the day?


That’s interesting. I thought it was basically required for detective? I have an AS but lack the BS.

Depends on department. Most value life experience over degrees/certificates but some departments require bachelors and youll prob see more of that in the future i reckon. Dont think a degree makes better cops IMO.


I’m sure you’ll need the required education to get ahead at the first opportunity, it’s a government job. You NEED the right checks in the right boxes.

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What department u going for? Local/city cop? Small town u said? Some smaller towns where i am require bachelors. 40 is a good time to become a cop i think. Too many guys get in too young when they dont have the emotional maturity for it or wont be able to handle the trauma.


Dont waste any more time farting around on tho. Submit that application now. Hiring process can take years for some depts so better get on it sooner than later. Hiring process in it of itself is frustrating and a pain in the ass.

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Years ago I was in the process to join NYPD. Scored 103 on the exam (5 extra points for living in 5 boroughs so scored 98) and was basically in the middle of the background investigation and possibly getting in the next academy class.

Was in my 30s so was in IT for several years at that point.

Decided to pull my application for a few personal reasons and some things going on in my life at that time.

Sometimes I think “What if” but then I see how law enforcement is looked upon most people and think I made the right decision.

Long story short, OP, I say go for it! As someone above said, you only live once.

Good luck!


Yeah it’s a pretty nice town in OC. I’ll go ahead & put in for it. They say they’re hiring & I think I have a decent chance with my background. I hope so anyway. Thanks for the advice :+1:

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With your experience I would do it. I’ve always wanted to be a detective but I’d have to be a beat cop for twenty years. Fuck that.

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Yeah, I’m a bit worried about the way people viewed police now. But I guess it is what it is.

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