Police Academy in 40’s?

Is this in NW Fl?

We better!

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No, he’s not even a member here. First day of defensive tactics he says all I do is train if I’m not at work. The man is a physical beast. Our academy is coed, live in high stress. The 14 female cadets would swoon every time he came into the gym. One of the guys thought he would be cute and be a little aggressive with him during a demonstration of a technique, it didn’t go well at all. I just shook my head and thought you idiot.

So when he asked me that I was like, what, how the hell!

He said remember when I said all I do is train, I lurk the ug to keep up to date on mma.

He was awesome, I was sharing stories here of my weekly adventures during the academy, he could have told the cadre and I would have been destroyed because of it.

TY lurker beast of an instructor for keeping it our secret!


Part of the application process is filling out a personal information packet where they ask you basically every question you could think, drugs, sexual, child porn, criminal, undetected criminal activity, theft etc.

I answered yes to pretty much everything except for hard drugs. After filling it out I was like, there is no way they are going to hire me.

They did, and the reason was I was young and dumb when that happened and was a lifetime ago. I was actually shocked when they sped me through the process and I was hired within 7 weeks after taking the pt and written test.

There is a saying, if you lie, you die. Be honest and all they can say is no, at least you tried.


lol, when real life and the og come crashing together


Here is the thread from 2016 where I was going though the application process and the academy, just bumped it.


But will it blend?


A few years ago I ate an edible in Vegas with friends. Should I tell them that? I mean, it’s legal… Not my thing at all but I guess that’s semi-recent.

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Yes, yes you should. Some departments have 2 year, some have 5 year, some have 10 from recent use. Ask them what their policy is.


This 100% disclose honestly whatever they ask. They aren’t looking for perfect angels, they are looking for honest men (and women). The most important thing you can have is your integrity. Since they don’t know you, you have no reputation. The only thing they have is your word and your past to evaluate in backgrounds.


Not sure how this one played out, but get your shit together grinder.

Stray would destroy you on his worst day.


My unarmed combat instructor in academy is a bit of a legend.

I guarantee he was on this site well before I was.

Good guy, had drinks with a couple of us a few times. I was the only person in my class with any training at all and only like 5 had ever been in a fight in their lives (instructor asked for a show of hands, lol).
Terrifying realization that most of the people around you are basically afraid of conflict.


Yes. Honesty is key.
Its not that you did a “bad” thing. Its lying about it that puts your integrity in question.

"Time and distance " are what matters.

In the 90s chp was so hard up they were accepting “6 months clean” for a while.

Be honest. Almost completely honest.

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Ask yourself the question, “can (xxx) be verified?”

Ha I wish it was longer ago, because I don’t even like the stuff. Sep ‘19.

AND your best


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If you can’t handle me at my worst, you OG faggots don’t deserve me at my best!

tripple snap

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Hes a sniveling coward.

In a Z formation?

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honest devils is the way I looked at it