Police Academy in 40’s?

And we got on the topic of woke because I made a few off handed gay slurs which you freaked out over. Did I ever suggest anything bad should come to those ppl? I believe in God and those ppl are sinning against God and getting off being nasty with each other and now theyre pushing it on children so thats why I have a problem with it.

Absolutely not. You painted every member there as a coward and I pointed out that it was the incorrect assessment of the senior member to treat the situation as a hostage taking and not an active shooter. It was wrong and he should be held accountable.

If you actually are a cop you’re the dumbest one I’ve interacted with in here. You have zero understanding of policing practices or protocols.

You’re also an emotional, drunk homophobe.

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Alright asshole u want to settle this sometime in person?

A drunk, emotional, stupid imbecile. What a great cop you must make.

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This is what winning an internet argument looks like.


Youre a sniveling coward.

You’re an embarrassment. What state do you police in? My guess is one where hiring standards are about as low as you’ll find in the country. I would be embarrassed to work with or around you.

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And most of the time, I agree you should follow orders and proper protocols, but there are indeed instances, like Uvalde for instance, when you should disregard the orders of your superiors and do what you know to be best. Have a good night.


Thats why i scrap ,brah.

I have no idea what this means or what it’s in reference to.

Blindly following orders leads to things like the holocaust and its a major problem with policing.

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Hawaiians are known for settling disputes with fisticuffs. It was an attempt at a joke.

When I see the title I keep thinking about what the academy was like in the 1940s.

Some things never change.



The Cal

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Believable tbh

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At first this sexual tension made me a little uncomfortable… but I’m kinda into it now you two should just go AT IT!


Well do it on street beefs! Ill have to wear a balaclava tho however as not to reveal my true identity. Haha cheers.

Is this in NW Fl?

We better!

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