Police chase ends in my yard w/pics

So at 2am me and the wife are woken up from the sound of something crashing real close to the house. All of a sudden my house became a the center of attention for about 40 cop cars. I go outside to find out why there's so many people on my lawn and find out there is a car chase from a neighboring city about 30 miles away that ended in my yard. I live on a dead end road, in the country, on a lake. Pics and vid to follow

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At the end when they got the guy into the car

 photo image_10_zps0ad7e528.jpeg


So you move to the end of a dead end road in the country for the quiet life...

helicopter fishing the guy out of the lake after he ran from the scene

Truck in my yard

 photo image_7_zps139d3ca6.jpeg

Bastard took out my tree and two bushes, missed the fence by less than a foot and there's ruts in my yard

 photo image_6_zps7c6c237e.jpeg

came to stop about 5 feet from my deck that overhangs the lake

 photo image_5_zps7ba5a2d1.jpeg

more trees down

 photo image_3_zpsd2497e1f.jpeg

it was a work truck that did the damage, I felt bad for the owner of the company, he just came out to pick up the truck so it wouldn't be towed and impounded, his insurance will pay for this and a couple cars the asshole hit

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Wish I had a camera phone when this happened to me. Happened maybe 15 years ago. Two black dudes stole a car, robbed a store, went on a chase through neighborhoods. Ended up pulling into my front yard, literally 5 feet from my bedroom window. One dude ran, the other pointe his gun at the cops, cops shot the dude in the head. He somehow lived. I slept through all of this and woke up to blue and red lights all through my window, go outside and my porch is literally caution taped. I couldn't even leave. My dad went to court to testify an actually said "I wish they would of killed the little fucker" to the dudes family. I don't even know if it was ever in the news, I have no way of knowing what to search for but this thread just brought back memories Phone Post 3.0

RIP trees.... Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin Australian format.

Google is getting me nowhere Phone Post 3.0

Those pics are very dark. I cannot see the dead black youth or the cops smoking gun?

You live in a upside down world friend Phone Post 3.0

another vid in the water

one from the inside of the house

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Those pics are very dark. I cannot see the dead black youth or the cops smoking gun?

it was a fat white guy, he kept yelling for an attorney before he was even in the car, he was high or drunk or something

the cops handled it well and were very professional and treated the guy better than I would have. Honestly there was another police chase in the city this happened in earlier today that ended with the perps shooting at the cops, for that happening less than 12 hours ago to seeing them so restrained and professional I was impressed.

A couple of the younger ones were douchey after they got the guy away but they were just young kids so I understand the adrenaline pump they must have been on.

You need to take better care of your lawn. Phone Post 3.0

Is it hard to take pictures while walking on your head? Phone Post 3.0

You really should've called SnapsLocally to do this for you.

what city do u live in