Police chase ends in my yard w/pics

So at 12:00 p.m me and the wife are woken up from the sound of sirens real close to the house. All of a sudden my house became a the center of attention for about 40 cop cars. I go outside to find out why there's so many people outside my house  and find out there is a car chase from a neighboring city about 30 miles away that ended in my yard. . Pics  to follow

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2 years back I was out of town sleeping at a Motel.
I wake up to flashing lights in the parking lot.
A hispanic male was in a WHite Bronco that was all beat up, and there were cops all over the parking lot with ARs aiming at the Bronco.
For 15 minutes they were telling him to get out of the vehicle with his hands up. He spoke no english, and kept putting the vehicle in reverse. Cops would yell and he would take it out of reverse. then he would do it again. Guy must have been smashed.
The cops did not have a clear shot, and there were people in all the rooms behind the Bronco.
I had my cougar gun(.357) with me, so I had their back if needed.
I peeped out the window and pulled a couple bong hits and watched a real life episode of cops.

They manhandled him and tossed him in the pattywagon. Bronco was there the next day and I took a look at it. It was a real piece of shit.

What's going on here. Phone Post 3.0