Police fitness test

A female friend has one month to train for a police recruiting fitness test. She tested once and failed. She had no issues with cardio, but failed the strength aspect. The main concern is a push/pull station. The link below has pictures and descriptions of the test. Any suggestions anyone could give to help her gain strength in such a short time frame would be great. Thanks www.lepat.ca (click on the link for PARE on the main page)

Have her check out Crossfit.


she could do crossfit but she only has one month.  She needs to work on her pushing muscles and pulling.  She also needs to make a sandbag the same size as the one she will be using.  Practice it 2-3 times a week. 

As for pushing she should be doing bench press, push ups, over head press and pushing a moving object like a car.  the test involves her pushing while on her feet and moving.  she needs to simulate that.  a sled would work also. 

Her pulling exercises should be bent over row, chin ups, pulling a heavy sled and deadlifts. 


She needs to work these motions at least 2 times a week and then needs to get in some metabolic conditioning at least once.  You said she already does well on the cardio part. 

This one is easy... with only one month to prep, she should be training the test. I.e., she should be doing the exact exercises she will be doing in the test, only doing them for multiple sets/reps. She should probably do them every other day.



Familiarity and greasing the groove should help.

Thanks for the replies. She strength trained for two months before her first crack at the test. Apparently she was put on a program by a trainer at the YMCA who had her doing hammer curls, concentration curls, and numerous weight machines. Hence the failure. She works with my girlfriend, who came home and asked me if I could help her out. Thought this would be a good place for opinions.

the physical test is easy and she could not pass it? it was made easy for women....so sick of men having to make up for gender equality in careers where lives are on the line. I see so many women cops and think, as if she could ever take me out unless she shoots me....other than that she will need some guys to come help her.

lol at Crossfit coming to the rescue....

There's no difference in the tests for men and women in North Carolina.

lmao at the Y trainer..

Thanks for all the input. I'm thinking 3 times weekly full body workout, about 5 movements from the basics each time, keeping the rep range to 5 and under. On the off days from weights she can run Taku sprints on her treadmill at home. I'm thinking about getting her to stick with dumbells for all of her movements. That way i can lend her a set off mine for her home. No excuses for when she can't make it to the gym because of 12 hour work shifts and a small child.

I took the PARE a couple years ago in Ontario. there were two smaller (~100 lbs) women who smoked the obstacle course time-wise but couldn't perform the push-pull or sandbag portion. I know one of them was on her second attempt and she failed again (she ran out of time on the push portion). She was just too small...

I felt pretty bad for both of them. i was in horrible shape (smoker, easily 40lbs overweight) at the time and i sprained my ankle during the 'practice' round. i was seeing some stars at the end of the test but still finished with plenty of time left. both girls were in MUCH better shape than i was (they could have even been stronger p4p as far as i know); they simply didn't have the mass i did.