Police hiring process question

I have to go before an oral board in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anybody on here who has done it before could give me a brief rundown of what to expect? Thanks in advance

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thanks kyoung, that's kind of what I thought

What City? NYPD? LAPD?

Is it the oral Psyche, or the review?

It's not a big city, just a decent-sized county. This is just the review

luverica ; it is basically going to a real intense interview...i am trying to be a prison guard and what ive went throuhg is a lot less that what youre probably going through...but my cousin went throuhg the whole cop deal and she got bombarded by the police chief and a few other at once and she would have goptten the job had she not been pregnant

unfortunately, nobody can give blanket advice, because every department pretty much has their own screening process.

my departments example -

some 1000 question personality test on paper to prep the psychiatrist, and red flag any obvious issues.

a temper is a disqualifying condition, so they will say things to get you angry and get you mentally off balance.

"wow, this is a very impressive record you had in the Marines. however, our testing shows that you have severe latent homosexual tendencies. how do think these will affect your work?"


"sorry, you have a short temper, you failed".

if they ask you a rather innocuous question like "if you pulled over your partners wife, would you give her a ticket?" or anything that touches on your willingness to give up your friends, give the answer the civilian review board wants to hear.

generally, don't get rattled, and tell them what they want to hear, without being too obvious about it.

if it's on record anywhere, and you deny it, they can disqualify you for dishonesty. however, if you admit to a "disqualifying condition" you are automaticly disqualified. for example, if you had a few wild years in college "experimenting", but you're living clean now, some people will risk not admitting to doing something that would automaticly disqualify them if there is absolutely no record of it anywhere.

most departments have policies of disqualifying a candidate for certain things, no matter how long ago it happened. these things are usually not secret...if you're curious, have a friend call up and ask whether he is still eligible if he has done this or that.

don't know anything about lie detectors, we don't use them. good luck.

Everything Sean said is correct. I have only been in front of 2 boards. They were MUCH easier. One was for a federal dept. the other for a local dept. They were both pretty laid back.

Confidence, integrity and bearing are all important.

Go on the internet or to a book store. Have books on hiring.

As stated above, they will try to put you on the spot and grill you on any variety of issues. In some cases your reaction to the question is more important than the actual answer. Above all, stay cool, be honest, and take your time answering so you can think first and answer in an intelligent manor.
Good Luck