Police Investigate BBC Stunt

lol @ 'legitimate exercise'


Police are to investigate claims that BBC's Newsnight programme incited racial hatred by stoking up anti-English behaviour in Scotland during the World Cup.

The programme has been deluged with complaints after buying 'an old banger', decking it out in England flags and dumping it in a notorious Glasgow estate. A hidden camera then filmed youngsters vandalising the car, ripping off the flags and smashing all the windows with bricks.

According to the mediaguardian, 'Fifteen MPs have given cross-party support to an early day motion in Parliament which 'deplores' the Newsnight report and states that 'this was clearly a set-up by the BBC to encourage antisocial behaviour in its endeavour to besmirch the reputation of Scottish sports fans'.'

It's not known how many of the politicians are themselves Scottish.

Strathclyde police have also confirmed that they have received a complaint from a member of the public and are believed to be investigating accusations that the programme incited racial hatred.

On their website 'blog', Newsnight have defended the piece as 'a legitimate exercise to test anti-English feeling in Scotland during the World Cup'.

Viewers, though, seem unimpressed. They have variously described the piece as 'pointless', 'a tabloid stunt', 'par for the course from the BBC these days', 'cheap anti-Scottish publicity', 'xenophobic', 'disgraceful', 'a gross misjudgement', 'an investigation into the bleedin obvious', 'really crap journalism', 'television from the Daily Mail' and complained that similar results would have been achieved if a car had been decked out in Portugal colours and left in any London estate.

Another added that any station which employed Ian Wright as a pundit could never claim the moral highground.

haha, the BBC are clueless.