Police officer Offends Tucker with facts

They are having 2 different conversations. Tucker wants to discuss the ridiculous unrest, general resentments toward cops, and the impact of perceived lack of support from governments on future recruitment.

This Rikers screw wants to talk about his feelings on positional asphyxia.

Nobody owned anybody. It was like watching some guy trying to talk about baseball and getting the latest horse racing results in reply.

The guy who made this video is an idiot, and you’re an idiot for posting it.


I was worried about who would replace Trump so as to provide a source of OG entertainment…I am happy that the MAGAtards have chosen their new leader and we can continue on right where we left off!

George fucking Floyd caused his own death. Stupid decisions lead to real consequences. Chauvin was a bit of a dipshit but he didn’t know any better. You can’t just put a god damn murder charge on someone that is ignorant. The reason Floyd died had everything to do with the drugs in his system combined with his scumbag lifestyle choices.

IMO Chauvin should have just been fired.

Take a school bus driver, for instance, that accidentally runs over a kid that’s trying to make the bus (this happened in the last year). There is blame on both the kid('s parents) and the driver. But that doesn’t equate to intent to murder. Said driver was fired, because yeah, didn’t check blind spots well enough, didn’t count heads, yadda yadda yadda…but he wasn’t charged criminally. It is punishment enough knowing that your negligence cost a human life, but like I said, DOESN’T MEAN IT’S CRIMINAL.

Moreover, the kid was innocent in the world, and absolutely didn’t deserve to die. Fentanyl Floyd was a scumbag criminal that got martyr status and his family is $27M richer.

The injustice is absolutely staggering.

Fuck Floyd. Fuck BLM. Fuck every God damn liberal that is destroying America right now with their racist agenda against white people and cops. Fuck them right up their loud annoying fucktard ass mouths.