Police Resignations up 45%, Retirements 18%

Yes they are.


NY is removing their indemnification clause, making them subject to civil lawsuits. There’s no way you could pay me enough to be a cop today in any Dem run cities.


youre not going to unstupid the left
if things get out of control, put bullets into them


Only piece of sh!t cops will be effected by this. If you are not a piece of sh!t cop, you have nothing to worry about, because it’s not going to effect you.

This is like someone being upset because their state made it illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent for commercial vehicle drivers. Their anger is that it was lowered from .10 percent to 0.08 percent. It resulted in a reduction of alcohol-related fatal crashes.

Removing their indemnification clause will also save lives. Maybe now cops will not forget to turn on their body and dashboard camera.


The underlying issue here is pension funding.

Not to dissimilar to the trucking unions in the midwest, you need enough people on the payroll to keep funding the pensions that are currently being paid out.

This could be a disaster for some municipalities.


Wrong - any officer can in the line of doing their job rough up a suspect / thug and end up in court where a jury of BLM idiots will rule in the favor of the thug. Anyone can sue cops in civil court once they are no longer indemnified by the city or state.


Naive at best.

Cops, even when making a correct arrest, will be sued civilly left and right by shitbag criminals. In theory, yes, good cops wouldn’t be at risk, but people who deserved to be arrested will be sued, dirt ball lawyers will represent them, and in the current political climate, good cops will lose cases putting their future and family’s futures at risk.


Maybe now they will not forget to turn on their body cam and dashboard camera. It will exonerate them, if they are in the right. It will also corroborate what they wrote on the police report.

Again, this is going to save lives. No more “I forgot to turn on my body cam.” “He reached for my gun and I feared for my life.”


In theory…

In practice, police aren’t taking the risk. They will resign or retire early.

This will obviously not be good for law and order, but also it will accelerate those collecting pensions or partial pensions, and put tremendous stress on the pensions which are already under a lot of stress.


100% this… Little story that happened about 20 years ago FRAT WARNING.

This fat cholo was smuggling drugs into one of our county jails. He was working directly under a Mexican Mafia dude. We got information about the drugs and searched the fat cholo and his cell. When we were going to strip search him, he sucked punched my partner then charged at me. Dude tried to tackle me, so I sprawled on him. He went face first into the cement floor and busted opened his eye. After that he put his hands behind his back, so I handcuffed him. That was it. He tried to file a lawsuit of excessive force. Since we are covered in this line of work, we don’t have to pay for our own lawyers. Case was thrown out because the whole incident was on video.

Fat boy filed a complaint with a citizens group. They found me GUILTY (even though their findings don’t matter and have no impact on my job) because they said there was no way someone my size could have stopped someone of his size from tackling me. Even though the entire incident was on video.

Long story short, these liberal/communist and racist “activists” will find LEO guilty no matter what, even if everything is on camera.


It won’t save lives it will cause more to die, cause there won’t be enough cops to police areas so we’ll just see more of what we’re seeing in NYC and Chicago. It’s really no loss to me when thugs kill other thugs.

I feel bad when innocent people get caught in the cross fire, but maybe those people will get fed up with lib politics and put some law and order people back in charge.


Welcome to welfare logic 101.

They won’t be turning on any cameras since they won’t be working anymore. The person you expect to protect your ass will likely be less qualified and spread more thin now.


If good cops want to save their pension, then they need to stop protecting and covering for the bad cops. Though I think you gave up your right to call yourself a good cop, if you protect a bad cop. No more this stupid blue wall of silence. The bad cops and their enablers are the ones forcing these state to enact these new laws and chip away the protection that cops have enjoyed for years. These new laws are being enacted by the politicians because the voters have been exposed to many crooked cop incidences. The public no longer have faith that police are not crooked.

Only the police can fix their image problem

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That is not how pensions work, and a collapsed pension has a multitude of effects on everyone in the municipality.


These bastards should not get a pension until 30 years in.

Have fun working at home depot you illiterate tyrants


The McDonald’s guy is talking down on home depot workers.


I would agree that there is a whole lot of pension reform, but your comment is akin to saying “we discovered the root causes of the border crisis, and they run deep, so we aren’t going to do anything about the crisis on the border right now, and we we will work on long term climate policy.”

Just letting rot is a poor choice in policy.

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The blue wall of silence was created by police unions (which support Dems) to protect their members and their membership fees. Good cops protect bad cops because their union leaders tell them they have to. You want to stop bad cops, get rid of the unions.

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Pensions are a huge draw to public work. You stick cops and firemen with a 401k and they will just go work in the private sector.


Cops will have to pay for their own lawyers instead of having the unions pay for them too.

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