Police Respond To Shooting In Atlanta, Racist Goons Chase Cop Away Because He Is White

Black youths have been having gun fights in the streets for generations. Aint no business of no white cop to interfer in out culture!


What a JOKE! His “partner” should be fired and he should find a job in a community where the people don’t want to live in a slum. He was set up for absolute failure by his entire community and “leadership.” You cannot help people who don’t want to be helped.

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Americans know the truth though, which is the problem. Anyone that goes out can see there is zero threat from white supremacists attacking them at the ATM or playing the knockout game.

Nearly 100% of violent crime is committed by the 13%. Don’t believe me? Turn on any major city police scanner for just two hours. 98% of calls are “Black male, hoodie”

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Find it and post

Too many people who, after dark, are prisoners in their own homes. LE needs to roll in heavy to not only handle business - but to better protect themselves as well.

Haha yeah now just imagine if this happened to a black cop in a white neighborhood— you’d see it played on a 24/7 loop on all the major media networks

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It would be easy to agree but the constitution guarantees full and equal protection. It’s unfair to the good people in those areas to be imprisoned in generational poverty.


At least that black woman at the end was trying to disperse the crowd and telling everyone to leave white man alone

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You guys are a bunch of scared, ignorant little bitches.

That’s all, right now.

Well, when I used to go to metal shows, you know, before this SUPER KILLER PANDEMIC stopped everything, I always picked Black security people, women even better. They not only do a half-ass job at it, but even if they find something (like my hidden vodka bottle…) they let you through anyhow with a smile ha ha.


Coal burners gonna burn