Police Testing GPS "Bullets" To Track Cars

It sounds like something straight out of Batman or James Bond's arsenal, but police officers in St. Petersburg, Florida are testing a vehicle-based cannon that fires GPS tracking devices at cars. The idea is that instead of continuing a dangerous high-speed pursuit, they'd just tag a vehicle they're chasing and then track its location from a safe distance.

The system, known as Starchase, features an air cannon mounted to the front grill of a police car that fires GPS tracking units covered in a soft adhesive substance so they immediately stick to their target. Once a pursued vehicle has been tagged, the police can stop their high-speed chase and fall back to a safe distance without losing tabs on the car. It also means the driver being pursued will slow down if they think they've lost the police.

All around it's a safer alternative to car chases, even if initially it requires a police car to get close enough to a suspect to target them for tracking. And while it does mean there's a greater chance of the vehicle in question being ditched and the driver escaping on foot, if it help prevents even a single deadly accident there's no reason every police department shouldn't consider this technology.


Great idea.

Drive off, ditch the car, run like hell. Phone Post

They need to be able to mark the driver. Otherwise you just keep your speed and wait for them to fall back far enough. Phone Post

Meh, whatever.

Let me know when they get bullets like this:

"It sounds like something straight out of Batman or James Bond's arsenal"

Umm....Spider-Man had Spider-tracers back in the 60's or 70's :-)