Police 'very nervous' about officer-initiated enforcement as gun violence soars

As police are vilified and demonized, this is shocking I know…

Cnn. They should burn. I know many that would not be sad if something bad happened to them. Hate to say it, but true.

I wouldn’t work there in a million years.

If I were a police officer in a blue state I would have quit a year ago. Go to tennesse or ND or something and be a cop there, go back to school, work construction whatever.

My life and freedom are too important to risk because of political games


We’re going to get to the point where only the worst possible candidates want to be cops, if we’re not there already.

They should have sided with the conservatives when they had the chance.

My department just raised our salaries by roughly 10k across the board for all cops and instituted a 10k hiring bonus. Plus a hefty bonus for officers who refer a qualified applicant who gets hired and we still cannot attract more than a very small handful of qualified applicants. I work for a well run, professional department with a good reputation. The people we are hiring are washing out in our training process for failure to meet basic standards. This is very troublesome. I’ve never seen it like this.

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Bring on the woke federal police force.
And the wealthy will just continue to have private armed security.

Not everywhere… Not gonna specify where, but I just applied to the second largest department in my home state. That said, it is a red state with support from the city. They have a very good reputation with high standards. Still, while they aren’t having morale issues they are having the same recruiting issues everyone else is. There were only 13 of us when I took the physical exam and even coming off shoulder surgery and being at least ten years older than most other applicants, I still did better than everyone except for another Army veteran and a dude who just left the Navy as a SWCC operator.

i dont think cnn hires male nurses but maybe i’m wrong

Just do what the left always does, keep lowering standards until you get your numbers. It benefits everyone. Diversity is our strength!