Poliquin on Crossfit

I lifted this from the o.g. of all places, my apologies if it's been posted before. Any comments on this brief Q and A?


 Go here for Poliquins take on CF.

I have a comment. Why did someone on that (OG) thread say that I and my "ilk" are making dangerous recommendations? Apparently my advice is dangerous and not backed by science.

TAKU T.N.T. <---clearly not to be trusted.


good question, what do you think they meant by that

I thought that post about your "dangerous" methods was just trolling.

I don't think I've ever wandered onto the OG before... and looking at the threads on there I love myself so much right now.

Taku and his ilk have prescribed dangerous "heavy weight workouts" for far too long, imo. Pushing buttons on my keyboard and shooting my mouth off is about the only regimen which is both safe and with attainable physical performance goals.

Open your eyes, sheep.

Wiggy wonders if he's considered a part of Taku's 'ilk'

Wiggy - www.workingclassfitness.com

 Hey Wiggy,

Don't worry...You are "IN". I mean if I a have my own ilk...I want you as part of it.


What the hell is an ilk?

And Taku, you'd better get yours on here for a full explanation - and apology, apparently.

 krakkerz...Here you go:



1. family, class, or kind: he and all his ilk.


2. same.

3. of that ilk,

a. (in Scotland) of the same family name or place: Ross of that ilk, i.e., Ross of Ross.

b. of the same class or kind.

TAKU T.N.T. <---is sorry.