Poll - ADCC Trials Women Heavywght

Women's Heavyweight: 67 Kg and over (over 147 lbs):

  1. Caryn May (#1 RATED Heavyweight in GrapplingLeague.com) - NJ

  2. Olga Bakalopoulos - Canada

  3. Celita Schultz (Performance/RGDA - Olympic Judoka) - NJ

  4. Katrina A. Weilbacher (Paragon JJ/Pan American/Worlds Champ) - CA

  5. Lana Stefanic (Relson Gracie/Robin Gieseler) - IL

  6. Michelle Roody (Intl. Academy of Martial Arts) - Endicott, NY

Who will win it?

Lana Stefanic

Celita Schutz!!!

I can honestly say I don't know any of these ladies so I'll go with the RGDA rep Ms Schultz

What happen to Kizma Buttoms,she got 3rd last year at ADCC.

I called it, what's the prize?

I hear Kizma is busy starting up her freshman year of college. Maybe she'll get a direct invite to ADCC?