Poll: Could you beat Pulver?

Given that he's a LW (he's probobly closer to 160 now though), and some of you are LHW/HWs on the Underground forum who have been training for a while, do you think that the added weight would balance off Pulver's experience, and you'd be able to beat him in a fight?

I personally think Jens could beat me 7 out of 10 times (but I do weigh 220 and am a little rusty), but I bet there are some UG'ers who could hand Jens his ass.

Dude, Jens is one of the top fighters in his weight class. He'd kill you and 99.9% of the other fatasses on here who "train."

I could if had my car to fight him with.

No fucking way ever in this life time.

I'd beat him in Street Fighter II. But I bet if he practiced he would beat my ass in that too. :(

Just because your bigger than someone doesnt mean you can kick their ass.

I've seen The Chief train and I'd say that he's being too modest. In my opinion, The Chief wins this at least 50% of the time.

He has legit BJJ skills (probably a high purple or possibly a brown) and is a two-time state Muay Thai champion.

nope, but id take that fight for the $$

Even though Jens probably weighs 158 and I weigh 208, he has the cardio, power and training partners of some of the best in the world.
COULD I beat him, I truly think that Yes, I have a chance..I'm been doing muay thai and BJJ/Sambo for about about 9 years now. I work out hard and I would be putting myself down if I said I had no chance. However, he's Jens Pulver and he would own me most of the time. I realize that.

I think I could beat him in a musky fishing outing as long as he did not bring his flyrod. Still waiting for the day.

LMAO at this thread.

LMFAO at Jens striking being overated-HE'S A FRICKIN PRO BOXER - UNDEFEATED AT THAT!

Just because he lost to Gomi doesnt mean shit - Gomi is a bad ass dude and Prob #1 @155.

The Chief by Americana.

bit of a disrespectful thread

Hell yeah I could beat Jens Pulver!! He's never won anything!! Wait....we are talking about Poker right?

I am about Jens size and I am fairly confident that I could either knock him out or submit him depending on which finish gave better gambling odds. I could also call the round too. Then I would make him carry my bags to the car and have him fetch me a sandwich and a Coke.

Either that or he would end my life within 10 seconds of the bell.

25% chance...160 is just ridiculously light, i could
throw him 8 feet if he let me (not gonna happen)...


Unfucking real. You know how you or your dad or somebody you know is a CPA and does accounting for a living? You know how you or that person are real good at accounting because that's how you or that person get money to eat and buy stuff?

Or maybe you should think about your mechanic. You know how he's real good at fixing your car because that's what he does for a living?

Or maybe the guy who built your house. Notice how he got paid money to build your house and it hasn't fallen down? That's cause that's what he does for a living.

See, Pulver fights for a living. That's how he feeds himself and gets money to buy stuff. That's his job, that's what he does. No hobbiest or semi-pro with a decent record is gonna kick his ass.

I would not advise letting Jens do your taxes or represent you in a court of law or performe surgery on you or even build your house, but if you need a top level professional fighter for some reason, give him a call.

I think Pulver would easily smash my face in.

You guys do realize that Jens Pulver has 5 years wrestling experiance at Division 1 level, right?\

He red shirted his freshman year and went on to be a multiple time all-american.