Poll: Could you beat Pulver?

How can someone have 5 years of Division 1 experience?

Is this the only sport in which someone on an internet forum who takes some classes could even half-jokingly make the claim they could beat one of the top guys in the sport?

Is this a joke?

"How can someone have 5 years of Division 1 experience?"

I explain that in my post lol

He red shirted his freshman year. That means he just worked out with the team at every practice and was part of the team, but did not compete his whole freshman year.

That way he can compete for 4 more years after his freshman year, making it 5 years on the team. So asically he added 1 year to his college education just to have more wrestling experiance.

Pretty much every good wrestler does that.

I'm 6ft, 200lbs, and nice for your avg joe....but Jens would knock me into next week. I wouldn't fuck with anybody called "Li'l Evil"! LOL

where are you? guess he stopped having hissy fits w/ the undergrounders.

why u singling Pulver out ?

This thread is brutal.

I think Jens would outweigh me by 5 kg or so so I don't think I'll win.

How funny would it be to see Jens post on this thread and say yes he could.

Jens would clown me standing up and on the ground and I have at least 25 lbs. on him.

Interesting question,

All things considered, he'd more than likely own me and most of us. Though I think stepping in the ring with him and giving my best, I might earn his respect.


There aren't too many people with the confidence to beat Jens on here?

I wonder how Sherdog's forum would respond.


I really hope you're joking and not delusional.

I am 6'2" and weigh in about 230. Pretty decent shape, but not great. I am sure Jens would dismantle me 99 times out of one hundred, and that only win would be because I learned something while watching Jens beat on me, and used it. And cheated. And paid off the ref. And Jens was feeling bad about those 99 beatings. And I spiked his water bottle. And I was on steroids. And Jens fell asleep from bordom with the ease that he is killing me.

"Step over this line and say that! I'll kick your butt... at Nintendo." -Milhouse


I will probably get ragged on for this but

I am not saying I WOULD BEAT Pulver, but give me 8-12 weeks of solid preperation and I WOULD FIGHT (145lbs) Pulver for sure. It would be an honour to fight one of the best lw's in the world

im only 160-165 and with out a doubt I would absolutly get my ass completly kicked. I would shoot in for a double leg he would sprawl, knee me in the face and unload a barage of punches to my face . im out

Unless my name is Takanori Gomi, Din Thomas, Duane
Ludwig or Jason Maxwell, no I cannot

I would LOVE to compete vs Pulver in MMA, boxing, wrestling, sub grappling. . . whatever.

I know he'd beat me easily but just to say that I went at it 100% against Jens Pulver would be awsome.